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14 $ * Football

In America the sport is called soccer. Not to mix with sucker, which is a defamation.

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1,9 $ * Paprika

I wonder why people like to eat Paprika. In Germany they have nearly no taste at all.

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0,50 $ * Tomato

People often drink tomato juice while flying.

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* Golfball

Golf is a expensive sport for older people.

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3,50 $ * Hambuger

I get hungry if i see the picture.

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14,34 $ * Umbrella

Not very stylish but useful wen it rains.

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1 $ * Light Bulb

Also called Lamb. Crashes if you drop it.

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0,34 $ * Candy

Not good for health and weight but very tasty.

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* Sunflower

A yellow something. Symbol for hippies and good to make oil of it.

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0,30 $ * Salad

A green vegetable with not enough calories to survive.

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